Want to upload your own media assets? Check out our article, Uploading and organizing media assets.

Utilize our library of over 110 million licensed media assets from providers like Getty, Unsplash, and Storyblocks. The library refreshes daily, so you'll always have new content to add to your next video!

Searching for Media

First, click on the 'Media' tab in the left navigation. You will automatically be directed to the media library.

Then, click on the search bar to type in your keywords. The more keywords you use, the more precise your search will be!

Note: when searching for media, please type your keywords in English.

Click 'Enter' and scroll down to view your results. To preview assets, simply hover over an asset or click on the asset thumbnail.

Note: clicking on the asset will allow you to review its creation date, description, media provider, and relevant tags that you can use for subsequent searches!

Filtering media assets

To narrow down your search, leverage our search filters.

  • Creative / Editorial: 'Creative' consists of stock footage and is generally for promotional content, while 'Editorial' consists of news footage that shows real people and events

  • File type: choose between viewing Images & Videos, Images only, Videos only, or GIFs only.

    Note: Videos and GIFs will have a time stamp on the bottom left of the asset thumbnail.

  • Relevant / Newest: choose among media that is most relevant to your search or related media that is new to our platform

  • Sources: search content by media provider

  • Orientation: choose content based on the orientation of the media (landscape, square, or vertical)

Once you've set your filters, click on 'Enter' on your keyboard to complete your search.

Favoriting media assets

If you want to save a media asset for future use, hover over the asset and click on the heart icon on the top-left corner of the thumbnail.

The media will automatically save in the 'Favorites' folder in the 'My Media' subsection.

To remove a media asset from the 'Favorites' folder, hover over the media asset and un-click the heart icon on the top-left corner of the thumbnail.

To add an asset to a scene, simply drag-and-drop media into your scene.


  • Trimming, cropping, and adding media filters to your assets is simple! Check out your options in our article, editing your media.

  • Use a combination of video and image assets to bring variety to your video.

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