Uploading and organizing media assets

On top of the 110+ million media assets available in the Studio library, users can upload and organize their own media for use in videos.

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Uploading Media

To upload your media, start by navigating to the 'My Media' section of the Media tab.

While in the 'My Media' tab, click on the upload button at the end of the search bar and select 'My Computer'. Choose the media asset(s) that you would like to upload.

You may also drag-and-drop any media assets directly from your computer to anywhere within the panel.

From here, the 'Upload to' popup will appear. Feel free to rename asset(s) as well as add tags and credits. You may also create a folder for your media or select an existing folder.

Click 'Upload', which will automatically add your asset(s) to your team's media library!

Reorganizing Media

To reorganize assets, find the asset you'd like to move, hover over it, and click on the options panel in the top right of the thumbnail.

From there, select 'Move to Folder' and choose the asset's new home.

Supported file types

Wibbitz currently supports images, videos, and gifs in the following formats, with a file limit of 240mb each:

  • Images: .jpg, .png

  • Videos: .mp4, .mov, .m4v, .mxf

  • GIFs: .gif


  • Extensions are case-sensitive and required. If you encounter issues using uploaded assets, please check if file names on the platform include the correct extension and are all lowercase.

  • Transparent .png files are not supported in the platform.

  • Sometimes, image assets from online sources will have a .gif file extension. Please ensure that your image assets have a .jpg or .png file extension to ensure that your video will produce properly.

    Recommended Media Dimensions

While it is possible to use any asset regardless of media dimension, certain dimensions will fit best in your scenes depending on your video format. We recommend uploading media with the following dimensions (by ratio and pixels):

  • Landscape: 16:9 (1980px x1080px)

  • Square: 1:1 (1080px x1080px)

  • Vertical: 9:16 (1080px x 1980px)

Storage and Upload Limits

Depending on your plan, your team can have anywhere from 5GB up to unlimited media storage. If you are unsure of your upload limit, please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@wibbitz.com.

If you are looking to upload soundtrack, please read Uploading soundtracks.

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