To add text to your video, enter the Editor. On the left side of your screen, you will see text boxes to add captions to each of your scenes.

If you do not immediately see this view, click on the 'Text' tab in the navigation panel.

Manually Adding Text

To manually add text, click on 'Scene 1' and type in your text. Then, click the plus sign (or use Shift + Enter) to create additional scenes.

You can also create a new scene by clicking on the plus sign in the Storyboard view. Continue adding text to new scenes.

Using a Script

If you have a script ready to add, you can copy/paste your entire video's text at once. Use line breaks to automatically split your script into individual scenes.

When using line breaks, a popup will appear to confirm that you would like to create scenes for each line of text.

Updating Text in Scene View

You can also update your text once you are in Scene View. Click on the 'Text' tab to view each scene's text. Make edits as needed.

Reordering Scenes

To change the order of your scenes (and text), drag-and-drop scenes using the 'Drag to reorder' button.

You can also reorder scenes within the Storyboard.

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  • Change the text and text style at once using our "Text Presets".

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