To add line breaks to your text, simply press 'Enter' when typing in your text.

Studio supports specific types of line breaks. Users should avoid adding two or more consecutive line breaks, as the platform may not recognize all of the line breaks when your video is producing and remove them. Additional line breaks may also cause formatting issues with your chosen Text Presets.

Below are examples of supported and unsupported line breaks:

  • Scene 1 contains one line break with text on both lines. This is supported.

  • Scene 2 contains two line breaks without text on one of the lines. Text Styles may not function properly when the video is produced.

  • Scene 3 contains one line break without text on the second line. Text Styles may not function properly when the video is produced.

Tip: If you would like to create spacing between sentences as seen in Scene 2, consider changing for a text Preset with 3 text elements. Then, add your text to the first and third text boxes:

Line Break Applications

There are multiple use cases for line breaks in Studio:

Copy/Paste Scripts

Adding line breaks to your script before pasting it into the platform is an easy way to quickly add text to your video.

To do this, copy and paste text from a document directly into the first scene.

You will then be prompted to choose between keeping all of your text in one scene or creating a new scene wherever there is a line break. Choose whichever option you prefer!

You can also create an extra scene by using the 'Shift + Enter' shortcut.

Control Text Box Size

Want more control over the size and length of your text box? Strategically add line breaks into your scene to shorten your text box!

Fix "Hanging Words"

Line breaks can also help you avoid "hanging words" in your scenes, resulting in a more polished look.

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