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Preview mode vs Produced video
Preview mode vs Produced video
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Do you know the differences between preview mode and the produced video?

Let me show you how to see the difference:

Preview Mode

For you to be able to have fast feedback on how your video looks, you have the option to preview how all of your scenes look together with the text, images, and sound.

But if you take a closer look, you can notice that some changes are not yet available, here is the list:

  • HD quality images without watermarks

  • Transitions

  • Intros & Outros

  • The sound fades between scenes with different audio intensity

  • And the sound fade at the beginning and end of a video

Take a look at this gif of a video in preview mode:

Once you see how your video looks like in the preview mode, you can make the necessary adjustments and produce the video, which will give you all the features you were missing during the preview.

Produced version

To watch the final version of your video, just click the "Done" button while editing, wait a few minutes for the video to be produced, and then you are able to hover over the thumbnail or click on it to expand to the Video Page:

This is the same video, but with all the features you were missing from the preview mode!

Note: you can share the videos in both preview and produced mode.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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