With these advanced options, you are able to create a video with the right number of transitions, in and out text animation, media assets and helps keep the whole video more organized and interesting!

These options are really useful when:

  • The Text on one scene is too long

  • You want to add multiple texts to just one media asset

  • There are multiple media assets that you want to use

Let's learn how to use advanced options!

Scenes connected by media

To begin, click on the 3 dots on the bottom right at the storyboard or Grid view to open the menu, then select "Advanced Options". There you will see "Continue media in next scene" and "Keep text in next scene", just like this:

When clicking on "Continue media in next scene", a new scene will be created and connected to the previous scene, you can check the connected icon to be sure, meaning that the media will continue the same in both scenes. This way you can create scenes with multiple texts with the same media.

An easier way to connect scenes by media is to drag and drop the same media asset by the right side of the thumbnails you want to connect:

Note: If you change the asset in any way, for example changing the zoom, filter, trim, crop,...etc, there will be a difference between the media and they will no longer be connected. And if you change the duration of the first scene after they are all connected, it will also break the connection.

Scenes connected by text

If you want to connect scenes with the same text, but with different media assets and without transitions in between, you have to choose "Keep text in next scene".

When you choose this option, a new scene will be created with no media asset, but with the same text and with the connected scene by text badge.

This way, you will have the "in and "out" text animation just between the first and last scene, leaving you with a much more smooth video.

Note: the text in the scenes has to be exactly the same. If you change the text, punctuation, space... etc, the scenes will no longer be connected.

After you created your first two connected scenes by text, you can continue creating more connected scenes by dragging and dropping media assets between them.

And every change in the text on the scenes that are connected, instead of changing the text on each one, you have the option to apply to all connected scenes:

Now that you have all your scenes connected, your video looks much smoother and dynamic!

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