Working with Wibbitz's integration to Brightcove can help you speed up your video processes. You will be able to push new videos created in Wibbitz and update existing ones directly within the Brightcove Media tab, without needing to download or upload files.

In order to set up your Wibbitz and Brightcove integration, you will need to have Admin level access in Brightcove. If you do not, please send this article to your Brightcove account administrator.

Setting Up Your Integration

To set up your Brightcove integration, you will need to:

  • Create a new API authentication in Brightcove

  • Get Your Account ID in Brightcove

  • Configure the new API Key in Wibbitz

Creating a New API Authentication in Brightcove

  1. In your Brightcove Video Cloud account, go to Admin>API Authentications

  2. Click on "Register New Application" button.

  3. Name the new authentication. i.e. "Wibbitz Studio".

  4. Select the account that you want Wibbitz to push videos to.

  5. Add permissions according to the screenshot below.

  6. Click on "Save".

  7. Copy your new Client ID and Client Secret. You will need them later.

Permissions Settings:

Finding Your Brightcove Account ID

Setting up your integration in Wibbitz will require your Brightcove Account ID.

To get your ID, go to the top menu in Brightcove Video Cloud

Configure The Integration in Wibbitz Studio

To configure the new integration in the Wibbitz Studio, you will need to open the integration configuration screen at the following link:

Pushing the video to Brightcove

Now that you are all set, to push videos to Brightcove from the Wibbitz platform you simply need to press "Push To Brightcove" on the share options:

Let us know if you have any questions!

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