Studio allows you to customize the colors of text styles, text color, background tint, tint filter color, and text highlighting to ensure that your videos perfectly match your brand's guidelines.

To choose new colors for each of these styling options, enter the Scene View.

To change the Text Style color, click on the color icon. To highlight the text, click on the "marker" icon on the far right of the options bar.

Once clicked, you will see two areas to select a color: 'Brand Colors' and 'Palette'.

Brand Colors

In Studio, each brand account includes primary and secondary default colors.

The primary color impacts your brand's intro, outro, transitions, tint filter, and background tint when a media asset does not fill the entirety of a scene. It will also affect your team's default Text Style color. The Text Style and background colors can be adjusted within each video.

The secondary color impacts your team's default highlight color. The highlight color can be adjusted within each video.

You can change your team's primary or secondary colors in the Brand Kit.


The Palette gives you full flexibility to search for alternative colors other than your brand colors. Clicking the ‘+’ will open up the color picker where you can use your cursor to select a new color. You can also insert a hex color code underneath the color picker. Once a new color is selected, click 'Apply.'

Tip: The colors that are seen on the initial Palette selection are always going to be colors that were used most recently per user login.

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