Safety net features
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Studio's safety net features ensure that all of your work is automatically saved and can be reverted during your session in the Editor.


No need to worry about saving in Studio -- our auto-save feature will save any changes made during your session in the Editor, helping reduce the risk of losing your work.
Auto-save will trigger each time you made a change to your video. You check that your work is saved at the top of the Editor.

Undo & Redo Buttons

Need to revert any changes during your current session in the Editor? The undo button can be used to quickly remove any recent changes. Click 'redo' to cancel this.

Note: exiting to the homepage will end your session in the Editor, so you will be unable to undo changes if you re-enter the video. If you're unsure if you will need to return to a previous version of your video, or are making edits to a team member's video, consider creating a copy of the video!

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