Note: want to upload custom fonts? Check out our article on updating brand settings.

Your Studio plan includes 125+ fonts, allowing your team to find a font that perfectly fits the look-and-feel of your brand or video.

To select a font, access Scene View by double-clicking on a scene. Then, click on the text box to open the text editing toolbar.

Next, click on the font dropdown bar to view your options. Click any font to apply it to the selected text box.

Fonts are separated into 4 main sections in the dropdown bar: ‘Scene Fonts’, ‘Recent Fonts’, 'My Fonts', and ‘More Fonts’. If you have custom fonts in your account, you can access these under 'My Fonts'.

Note: To quickly search for a particular font, type any letter to 'jump' to the first relevant font in the list that starts with that letter!

To change the font color, click on the 'Color' button, and then the 'Text Color' button. From here, you can select a brand color, color from your palette, or a custom color with our color picker. Click 'Apply' to confirm your color.


  • When using a "Text preset" with more than one text box, you can use a different font in each text box!

  • Want to apply one font to your entire video? Click the 'Apply to All' button at the top of the dropdown bar, or head over to the 'Style' tab (which will allow you to select a uniform secondary font for your video, as well).

Learn important typography terms & font pairing practices for video in our report, "The ultimate guide to text on video"!

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