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Updating brand settings with Brand Kit
Updating brand settings with Brand Kit
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Studio’s Brand Kit allows your team to control the colors, logos, and custom fonts in your account, ensuring that every Wibbitz video matches your brand's standards.

To access the Brand Kit, click on your team's logo in the top right corner of the homepage and click ‘Manage My Brand Kit’.

Once clicked, a ‘Brand Kit’ popup will appear. From here, you can update your corner logo, outro logo, and brand colors. If your team’s plan includes custom fonts, you can also manage your fonts in this popup.

Changing Your Outro and Corner Logos

Studio automatically applies a watermark and outro to each video. Depending on your plan, our team can also add a custom animated intro or outro!

The outro logo automatically applies to the end of your video after it is produced.

The corner logo appears throughout your videos in one of four corners. You can hide your logo or adjust the size and positioning within each video in the ‘Style’ tab.

To change your outro and/or corner logos, click on the existing outro/corner logo in the Brand Kit. This will allow you to select a file from your computer to upload.

Please ensure that your file(s) meets the below specs:

Outro Logo

  • Minimum width/height height: 200px (Max: 900px)

  • White in color (highly recommended)

  • PNG format, transparent background

  • RGB color mode

Corner Logo

  • Minimum width/height height: 50px (Max: 900px)

  • White in color (highly recommended)

  • PNG format, transparent background

  • RGB Color Mode

Note: If your team would like to remove 'Powered by Wibbitz' from your outro, contact for more information.

Custom Intros/Outros

Custom intros/outros are implemented by our tech team and take approximately 5 business days to add to the platform.

If your plan includes a custom intro/outro, please send any files to Be sure that the file meets the requirements outlined below:

Dimensions (please provide in all 3 formats where possible):

  • Landscape: 1920x1080

  • Square: 1080x1080

  • Vertical: 1080x1920


  • Intro: 3.8s max

  • Outro: 3.5s max

Format: .mp4 only

If your bumper has a wipe-in transition, please provide the QuickTime file using animation codex (RGB, millions of colors+) or any other format supporting alpha/luma channel

Changing Brand Colors

In Studio, each brand account includes primary and secondary default colors.

The primary color impacts your brand's intro, outro, and transitions. It will also affect your team's default Text Style and background colors. The Text Style and background colors can be adjusted within each video.

The secondary color impacts your team's default highlight color. The highlight color can be adjusted within each video.

To change the primary and/or secondary color for an account, click on the color that you’d like to change and type in a new hex code. You can also use the color picker to select a new color.

Adding/Managing Custom Fonts

While Studio provides 125+ fonts in our library, some brands may require the use of specific branded fonts for their videos. Adding a custom font to your account is an easy way to align your videos with your team's brand guidelines.

We recommend a standard version, a weighted version (light, bold, extra bold, etc.), and an italicized version. Please note that fonts must be in .otf or .ttf format (case-sensitive).

To add a custom font, click on the ‘Upload Fonts’ button in the Brand Kit and select the font that you would like to add. Once confirmed, the font will automatically upload to the platform.

When creating your next video, your custom font will be available in the 'My Fonts' section of the font dropdown bar.

To remove a font from your account, simply click on the bin icon next to the font.

Note: If your team's plan does not include custom fonts, or if your team needs to add more custom fonts to your plan, contact for pricing information.

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