If you work across multiple brand accounts in Studio, rebranding is an easy way to move video projects from one brand to another.

This feature takes a video created in one account and copies it over to another. As with Top Stories, the primary colors, logo, and intro/outro are also updated to match the second account's branding.

How to Rebrand

To rebrand a video, hover over the thumbnail of a video and click on the Options Panel. Then, click the 'Rebrand' button. You can also click on the video thumbnail to open the Video Panel and select the 'Rebrand' option.

Once clicked, a 'Rebrand the video' popup will appear with any brand(s) you have access to. Select the brand(s) you'd like to rebrand to and click 'Rebrand'.

The video will automatically copy and publish to the selected brand(s).

To access the rebranded video, you will need to switch accounts. You can then either download/share the video or enter the Editor to make additional edits!

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