In Studio, you have access to use hundreds of high-quality soundtracks from Bertelsmann Music Group for your videos.

Like the media assets from Getty, Storyblocks, and Unsplash, our soundtracks are fully licensed for use anywhere on the internet. There’s just one place that needs an extra step: YouTube.

Whitelisting a Channel

Due to their copyright claim algorithm, videos uploaded to YouTube require channel whitelisting by BMG to avoid a dispute with one of their subsidiaries.

Whether you’re just starting out with us, or have created a new channel that you plan to fill with Wibbitz videos, please send your channel ID/URL over to your Customer Success Manager or They’ll forward this information to BMG, who will whitelist your channel in approximately one business day.

If you’ve already faced a copyright claim on a Wibbitz video that features one of our library soundtracks, no worries! Our team can get the dispute lifted.

To resolve a claim, please provide the following information to your Customer Success Manager or

  • A link to the YouTube channel that features the video

  • A link to the claimed video on YouTube

  • If possible, a screenshot of the copyright claim with the name of the soundtrack and copyright owners visible

Copyright claims are typically resolved in approximately one business day.

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