If you're planning on uploading media assets for a video, you may need to provide on-screen media credits depending on your source. The Studio's media crediting feature allows your team to easily add credits to media assets or the outro of your video.

Note: Studio's built-in media library features over 110 million licensed assets from providers like Getty, Storyblocks, and Unsplash. You can use these assets in any video without concerns about citing them.

Crediting Bulk-Uploaded Assets

If you're uploading several assets from the same source, you can bulk add media credits during the upload process.

Simply click the 'Add Credits' button at the bottom of the 'Upload to' popup. A text field will appear for you to enter the credit.

Select any assets you'd like to credit, then click 'Enter' to apply the media credit to those assets.

Crediting Individual Assets

If you're uploading assets from multiple sources or need to alter one that's already uploaded, you can do so in the 'My Media' section of the 'Media' tab.

To do so, click on the thumbnail of the asset you intend to credit, which will open its description. Then, click 'Add Credits'. A text field will appear for you to enter the credit.

Click 'Enter' to apply the credit.

You can also add or edit credits in Scene View. To do so, select the media credit icon in the media editing toolbar. Enter your source into the text field and then click 'Apply'.

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