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Our text highlighting feature is perfect for adding emphasis to specific text in your scenes. This is an especially useful tool if you have a large amount of text in a scene!

To highlight your text, click on a scene to enter Scene View. Then, click on the text box to open the text editing toolbar.
Next, click on the 'Text Highlighting' button in the toolbar. From here, simply click on any text that you would like to highlight.

To remove the text highlighting, click on the text again.

By default, the highlight color will be your secondary brand color. To change the highlight color, simply click on the color icon to the right of the 'Text Highlighting' button. From here, you can select a different brand color or leverage the color palette.

Tip: If you have the hex code of a color you'd like to use, simply copy the code into the color picker to automatically add it to your palette!

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