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The Studio offers three video formats to ensure that your videos are optimized for any channel or platform. Selecting the right video format for your distribution strategy significantly impacts your video performance and audience engagement.

Choosing a Format

If you are creating a video from scratch, you will be prompted to pick a format for your video. Choose the appropriate format based on where you plan to share your video.

Don't know which option to choose? Reference our suggestions for each format:

  • Landscape: websites, YouTube, and LinkedIn (ideal for desktop)

  • Square: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (perfect for social posts)

  • Vertical: Facebook/Instagram Stories, Snapchat, IGTV (optimized for stories)

Changing a Format

Even after selecting a format, you can change your video format with a single click at any point during your creation process.

To change your video format, click on the 'Change video format' button at the top left of the Editor.

This will automatically edit your video draft in real-time with new scene dimensions.

Formatting a Video for Multiple Channels

Many users like to use the 'Make a Copy' feature to optimize their videos for use across multiple social channels.

To do this, make a copy of your video, then click 'Edit' to enter the Editor.

Change the format of your video and make any adjustments to media to best fit the new format.

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