Adding a title to your video makes it easy to differentiate between your team's videos within the platform.

Adding a title to a new video

To add a title to your video, simply click on 'Untitled Video' in the top left corner of the Editor and type in your title. Your new title will automatically save.

Revising your video title

Your title can be edited throughout your creation flow. You can also edit your title on the homepage.

To revise your title in the Editor, click on your video title to change the text. Your new title will automatically save.

To edit your video's title on the homepage, click on your video's thumbnail to open the Video Panel. Click on the video title to change the text.

How long can my title be?

There is a 90-character limit for video titles. Track the length of your video title by referencing the character count next to your video title in the Video Panel.

Note: Your video title is only viewable on the platform and will not apply to downloaded videos. Once you download a video, you can edit your video's file name to your liking.

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