The Studio allows you to control the volume of a video asset and soundtrack in a single scene. If you plan on creating talking-head or interview videos, this feature is great for ensuring that your audience can properly hear the subjects in your scenes.

As a default, all media assets are muted and soundtracks are at their highest volume.

Accessing Volume Controls in Storyboard View

You can turn on or off media sound directly from the Storyboard. To do this, click on 'Change Duration' and then select 'Sound'.

Accessing Volume Controls in Scene View

Even more volume control options are available in Scene View. To access Scene View, double-click on a scene that you would like to edit.

Then, select the 'Sound' button. From here, you can turn on/off media sound and control the volume of both your media and soundtrack.

Tip: Select 'Apply to All' to update all video assets with the same volume controls!

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