Studio allows you to embed a social media post from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

First, head over to the Media tab on the left side of the editor and click on the ‘My Media’ section:

In ‘My Media,’ you will see the upload icon where you can select the social media platform that the post is coming from:

Paste the embed code that you copied from the original social post in the space provided and click ‘Import’:

Note: you have the option to import multiple image posts at the same time!

The post will upload as its own media asset, where you can create a new folder for the post or place it in an already existing folder. Click ‘Upload.’

Once uploaded, you can drag and drop it into a scene!


  • At this time, Studio only supports image social posts. To upload a video from a social post, we recommend downloading or screen recording your video and uploading that asset to the platform.

  • You may need to adjust the cropping of the social post to best fit into your scene. To learn more about cropping, review Cropping a media asset.

  • You can find the embed code for social posts by clicking on the three dots on the post itself from the social media platform!

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