Uploading soundtracks
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If you would like to use a soundtrack from our Music Library, please read Adding a soundtrack to your video.
To upload a soundtrack to Studio, click on the 'Music' tab and navigate to 'My Sounds'.

While in the 'My Sounds' tab, click on the upload button and select the file that you would like to upload.
You may also drag-and-drop your file from your computer to anywhere in the panel.


From here, the 'Upload to' popup will appear. Feel free to rename your file and either create a folder for your media or select an existing folder.


Click 'Upload' to automatically add your soundtrack to 'My Sounds'!

Supported file types

Wibbitz currently supports .mp3 files up to 40MB each.

Note: Please ensure that your soundtrack is under 10 minutes long. We recommend using soundtracks under 5 minutes long.

Trimming your soundtrack

Trimming your soundtrack allows you to choose its starting point in your video.

To trim a soundtrack, click on the 'Trim' button next to your uploaded soundtrack. Then, use the sliding bar to determine where your soundtrack starts.

Click 'Apply' to confirm your changes.

Note: If your video is longer than your soundtrack, the soundtrack loop to the starting position you selected.

Can I upload a Voiceover?

Select accounts have access to our Voiceover feature. If you would like to learn how to upload your own voiceover, check out Using Voiceover.

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