Storyboard View

Storyboard View is the first page you land on when entering the Editor. In this view, all scenes are displayed in a similar fashion to a storyboard.

In Storyboard View, you can toggle between tabs on the left of your screen to add text and drag-and-drop media and see the video duration.

This view is ideal for making quick changes to your scenes. To make changes to a scene, simply click on the text and media icons or the options panel in the right corner of a scene.

Scene View

Access Scene View by double-clicking on a scene.

Scene View allows you to access text and media editing tools to make changes to a specific scene or media asset. These changes will apply exclusively to the scene you're working on.

To access media editing tools, click anywhere on the media asset within a scene.

To access text editing tools, click anywhere within the text box of your scene.

Switching between Views

When working in Scene View, you can easily switch to Storyboard View by clicking on the arrow icon in the bottom right corner.

Tip: Speed up your video creation process by leveraging features in our Style tab. In the Style tab, you can make quick changes to your text and media styling that will apply to all scenes.

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