If Voiceover is enabled in your account, you are able to upload narration on top of the soundtrack to your video.

To add a voiceover, navigate to the 'Music' tab. Then, select 'Voiceover':

Once in the 'Voiceover' panel, simply drag-and-drop your voiceover file directly from your computer to anywhere within the Voiceover panel. We currently accept voiceover files in .mp3 format up to 40mb.

Can I still use a soundtrack in my video when using Voiceover?

Yes! You can either select a soundtrack from our music library or upload your own soundtrack. Your voiceover will play on top of your soundtrack.

Note: if your voiceover file is too quiet compared to your soundtrack, consider boosting the volume of your voiceover by 10db and re-uploading the file.

Can my voiceover play over specific parts of my video?

Similar to soundtracks, the Voiceover feature will automatically place your voiceover file at the beginning of your first scene and will run through the entirety of your video.

To create a voiceover that only occurs over certain parts of a video, many clients will create a draft of their video, then record their voiceover file to fit their video draft (intentionally remaining silent during scenes that do not need voiceover).

From there, you can make any minor adjustments to the video to best fit to the uploaded voiceover.

For more voiceover best practices, check out the articles below from the Wibbitz Learning Center:

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