In Studio, image assets play a zoom-in effect from the center when a video is produced. Also known as the "Ken Burns Effect", this feature provides movement to static images and helps capture your audience's attention!

Note: Image Animation is only applied to images, not video assets.

Toggling on/off Image Animation

To access Image Animation settings, double-click a scene to enter Scene View.

Then, click the 'Image Animation' button in the Scene View and select 'No Animation'.

Note: If you don't see the 'Image Animation' button, click anywhere on your media asset to switch from the Text Editing Toolbar to the Media Editing Toolbar.

'Zoom In' is selected by default - select 'No Animation' to disable the effect. To re-enable Image Animation on an asset, select 'Zoom In'.

To apply your choice to all images in your video, select 'Apply to All'.

Note: Image Animation is applied during your video's rendering process, so it will not be visible when previewing your video. If you'd like to change Image Animation settings after producing your video, you can always re-edit the video and make further changes!

When should I use Image Animation?

We generally recommend keeping Image Animation enabled, especially for videos that include many image assets.

However, images with text or numbers that require reading (graphs, charts, tables, etc.) can be harder to read when Image Animation is enabled. In these cases, you may want to turn off Image Animation.

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