Studio is updated on a regular basis to provide more functionality and even faster workflows for our users. To see these new features in action, simply log in!

June 7, 2021

Text Presets

We've added a new "Text Presets" tab!

A simplified way to add and edit the text in your scenes. With the new feature, you have several ready-to-use text presets created by our editorial team, making the workflow much faster and smoother.

To style your text, click on the text presets tab or click directly on the text.

To begin, filter which text presets interests you the most by clicking on one of the options:

Now you are going to be able to have a much faster workflow. Choose the best style that fits your text and apply it! And if you want to change the text of a scene, double-click the text you want to edit, and Voila!

And you don't have to keep looking all the time for your favorite text presets, click on the favorite button and the preset will be saved to your "favorite" tab:

A more easy and fast way to produce content!

January 7, 2021

Automatic Cover Image Generation for Produced Videos

We’ve upgraded and improved our auto-cover image generation:

  • Once a video is produced, the Studio now selects a cover image from your video's first scene that best reflects the styling and media in that scene

  • Cover images are now in even higher resolution

  • Text-only videos will automatically receive cover images

Note: videos with uploaded cover images will not be impacted by this change.

January 5, 2021

Improved Tagging in Media Upload

To make tagging media easier than ever, clicking the ‘Upload’ button will automatically trigger the ‘Apply’ action for tags.

December 29, 2020

New Text Style

Say hello to 'City', our newest Text Style! Try it out in your next video. Learn more about Text Styles.

'Style' Tab Improvements

We've updated the color pickers and font dropdown behavior in the 'Style' tab to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Learn more about customizing your video's Style.

December 21, 2020

Set Scene Duration by Typing

Users can now set the duration of scenes by typing in the desired length! Learn more about changing scene duration.

December 15, 2020

3 New Inspiring Styles

We've added three new Styles - 'Notion', 'Hey you!', and Blueprint' - to the Create from Scratch workflow. Try them out today!

Scene Limit Notification

Users will now be notified when a scene/media asset exceeds the 5-minute limit. Learn more about scene and video length limits.

Tip: Need to create a scene that's longer than 5 minutes? Split your asset into two scenes and combine them again with our multi-text per media asset feature!

December 7, 2020

Combined Font and Text Style Color Picker

We've combined the Font and Text Style color picker under the same dropdown bar, providing users an easier color selection experience in the Text Editing toolbar.

Learn more about choosing colors.

New 'Position' Icon and Location

Users can now find text positioning options in a new location and with a clearer icon. Learn more about editing your text.

December 1, 2020

Improved Soundbite Controls

It's now easier than ever to adjust the volume of video assets! Users can now either use the traditional sliders or type in the desired volume for more precise control. Learn more about controlling media volume.

November 23, 2020

Font Control Enhancements

We've simplified two main behaviors in the font dropdown to make font selection easier and more intuitive:

  • The font dropdown is now separated into three main sections: ‘Scene fonts’, ‘Recent fonts’, and ‘Main List’

  • Users can click on any letter and ‘jump’ to the relevant first font in the list that starts with that letter.

Learn more about selecting fonts.

November 18, 2020

Color Control for Transitions

Users now have the option to control the color of select transition packages!

Learn more about transitions.

'Glitch' Transition Package

We've added a new transition package, 'Glitch', to our transition package options - try it out today!

November 16, 2020

New Produce Flow

Producing your videos is simpler than ever with the new produce flow! Clicking 'Done' will send videos directly to production and video options/settings are now available in the Video Panel. Learn more about producing videos.

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November 10, 2020

Brand Kit

Teams can now update their account's brand colors, logos, and custom fonts in a matter of seconds! Learn more about updating brand settings with Brand Kit.

November 5, 2020

Color Control for Intros & Outros

Studio now allows users to adjust the color of their team's intro and outro color per video. Learn more about using intros & outros.

November 2, 2020

Improved 'Trim' and 'Crop'

Users can now view their scene's text when trimming or cropping media assets. In addition, users can easily switch between the 'Trim' and 'Crop' tools while making adjustments to their scene's media assets. Learn more about trimming and cropping.

New Cover Image Functionality

Cover image selection just got an upgrade! Users can now head to the Video Panel to upload or select any frame of a video as their cover image. Learn more about updating cover images.

October 7, 2020

4 New Text Styles

We've added 4 new Text Styles - 'Clean', 'Burst', 'Callout', and 'Float' - to the platform. Try each of them out in your next videos! Learn more about Text Styles.

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'Apply to All' for Media Credits

Our users have spoken! Based on your feedback, we've added an 'Apply to All' option for adding media credits to uploaded assets.

October 1, 2020

Soundtrack Trimming

We've added the ability to choose the starting point of soundtracks - simply select the 'Trim' button next to your selected soundtrack! Learn more about soundtracks.

Text Style Opacity Toggle

Bring your text styling to the next level with our new opacity toggle! Users can now control the opacity of their Text Styles by using the slider available in the 'Text Style Color' dropdown bar. Learn more about our Text Styles.

3 New Styles

3 more Styles - 'Fold', 'Jam', and 'Rustico' - are available in the Create from Scratch workflow. Make them your own today!

September 30, 2020

New Branded Watch Page with Mobile Compatibility

Share for Review links just got upgraded! Watch pages now include your account's brand color and logo for a personalized experience. In addition, we've improved mobile support and significantly increased watch page performance.

Learn more about Share for Review links.

September 17, 2020

Updating Cover Images in the Video Panel

Users can now set their cover images directly in the Video Panel and select any frame of a video as their cover image. Learn more about updating cover images.

Animated GIF

2 New Text Styles

We've added 2 new Text Style options, 'Stereo' and 'Metro'! Give them a try in your next video!

Performance Enhancements

We've made performance improvements to the platform that decreases login time and reduces memory usage.

August 26, 2020

'Shutter' Text Style

We've added a new Text Style, 'Shutter', to Studio. This Text Style is a clean and understated option for title scenes and more! Learn more about our Text Styles.

[resize output image]

August 5, 2020

'Subtitle' Scene Layout

We've released our 'Subtitle' Scene Layout, perfect for talking head videos and more! Learn more about Scene Layouts here.

Note: we recommend using the 'Fade' Text Style with this Scene Layout.

August 4, 2020

Cropped Scenes Background Color Control

Users are now able to control the color and opacity of the background behind cropped media, allowing for different backgrounds in each scene! Learn more here.

July 30, 2020

4 New Styles

We've added 4 more inspiring Styles -- 'Block', 'Poster', 'Hype', and 'Punch' -- to the Create from Scratch workflow. Make them your own today!

Enhanced 'Uppercase' options

A dropdown has been added to the 'Uppercase' button, allowing for instant uppercasing or lowercasing of text in a scene. The dropdown also includes an ‘Apply to all’ button for easy video-wide edits!

July 22, 2020

Media Filters - Blur & Darken 2.0

We've revamped the 'Blur' and 'Darken' filters with enhanced capabilities!

Users can now set the intensity of both filters, allowing for a more finely-tuned filtering experience. Three gradient options were also added to 'Darken', which darken a specific section of a scene. Learn more about Media Filters here.

July 16, 2020

Tabs in the Templates Section

We've added two new tabs to the Templates section - 'Featured Templates' and 'My Templates'. 'Featured Templates' includes over 100 unique templates created by our in-house team of video experts. 'My Templates' includes any videos saved as a template by your team.

Animated GIF

'My Videos' Search Enhancements

We've significantly improved the relevancy of 'My Videos' search results, making it easier than ever to find videos on the homepage.

Additional Languages in 'Language' Dropdown

We now support ISO-639-1 standard languages in the 'Language' dropdown, which can be found on the 'Video Details' page or in the Video Panel. This allows you to categorize videos more effectively in the platform and filter by an increased number of languages in MRSS feeds.

Other Enhancements

  • Typing Shift+Enter in the Description Box will create a new line in the Video Panel.

  • When copying a video, the title of the new video will now have a “copy of” prefix.

  • Twitter embed has been optimized for recent changes to Twitter's API.

July 9, 2020

Four New Text Styles

We've released four new Text Styles: 'Rush Clean', 'Bounce', 'Circle', and 'Journal Dark'. Jump into Studio to try them out!

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July 7, 2020

Increased Description Box Limit

Due to customer feedback, we've increased the character limit in the 'Video Details' page and Video Panel from 256 characters to 5,000.

Editable Categories in the Video Panel + Add a Custom Category

Users can now edit the video category directly in the Video Panel. In addition, users can add their own custom categories to videos. Categories can be created on the 'Video Details' page or in the Video Panel.

June 30, 2020

Tint Filter

We've released 'Tint', the newest addition to our library of Media Filters! With 'Tint', you can now add a colored filter of your choice to any media asset and even alter the intensity of your tint. Learn more about Media Filters here.

June 28, 2020


Say hello to our new Templates section, now housing over 100 unique templates created by our in-house team of video experts. Use Templates to create stand-out videos faster and more easily than ever before! Learn how to use Templates for your next video project here.

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June 18, 2020

Editing Video Metadata in Workspace

We released a major update to Studio's workspace - the ability to edit video metadata directly in the Video Panel!

In addition to performance enhancements to the Video Panel, users can now complete the following actions directly within the Video Panel:

  • Rename videos

  • Edit video descriptions

  • Manage tags

  • Change language tags

May 26, 2020

Easier Creative Media Search

We've enhanced the creative media search experience in two ways:

  • We've updated the Editorial/Creative toggle, which can now be found directly in the search bar.

  • The library will automatically toggle to 'Creative' if a user is searching for a word or a phrase that is more likely to be in our creative library (based on historical search data). If you would like to switch back to 'Editorial', simply use the toggle in the search bar.

Planner UX improvements

Planner has now been enhanced with the following updates:

  • Calendars are now Monday-Sunday

  • Improved view of the calendar on small screens

  • Users can now remove a planned date from a video using the Video Panel

April 22, 2020


Planner was designed to help streamline your team's workflow efficiency, and enable you to map out a video content plan directly within Studio. You can plan your videos days, weeks, or months in advance, store video ideas and work on them later, or use our Top Stories to fill out your calendar. Click here for a video tutorial.

March 11, 2020

New Transitions Packages

Check out our 8 new options for video transitions, available within the Style tab when editing any video. Some of these packages include colored graphics which are preset to match your primary brand color. Use any of these options to add a new level of excitement and amplify the production value of any video.  Learn More.

March 3, 2020

Today, we gave our suite of styling tools a major facelift, making for one of our biggest feature launches ever! Learn more about each of the upgrades below, and click through to get a deeper dive.

New Text Styles

Our new text styles each come with their own unique animation, and are as eye-catching as they are professional. Pair these styles with your brand colors and fonts for a look and feel that is both unique and on-brand. Learn More.

Text-Only Scenes 

Drive message retention with text alone using our new text-only scenes! These are great for fast-paced promotional content, and really pop when paired with one of our new, larger font sizes. Learn More.

Media Filters 

Give any image, video, or GIF a unique flair with our new selection of media filters! Go black-and-white, apply a sepia tone, or use the blur filter to amplify your text on screen. Learn More.

New Scene Layouts 

Elevate your videos with our new selection of scene layouts - now featuring multiple text boxes per scene. Each text box can have its own unique text style, font, font size, and color, enabling more creativity than ever before. Learn More.

February 6, 2020

Auto-Search with Video Tags

Within the My Videos section, users can click on specific tags associated with a video to automatically find other videos associated with those tags, including Top Stories.

December 10, 2019

Control Room Video Import

Users will now see any videos they created in the old platform (Control Room) available within the My Videos section of their Studio account. These videos are labeled with a "Pre-Studio" tag that appears on the video's thumbnail (as shown below.) Users are able to download the original video directly from Studio, or edit it to make changes.
Note: when editing Control Room videos in Studio, users may notice that some styling elements have been reset to a default. Users can update these elements using the tools available within the Style tab. 

November 10, 2019

Top Stories

Never miss the chance to cover one of the day's hottest topics with Top Stories, ready-made videos created by the Wibbitz in-house team of experts.  

Click into Top Stories at the top of your homepage, browse videos by category, language, or format, and then click 'Rebrand' to instantly repurpose each video with your own branding. It's the perfect solution to ensure your team stays ahead of the news cycle. 

If you'd like to add Top Stories to your subscription, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

Image Animation

Studio brings your still images to life with a zoom animation applied to any images used in your video. Our new image animation option (located within the media editing toolbar) allows you to turn this animation on or off, and apply that preference to all scenes of your video.

October 29, 2019

Enhanced Real-time Preview

We've enhanced our real-time preview for smoother playback of video clips, reducing the lag that was previously experienced by some users. 


October 28, 2019

Copy/Paste for Multiple Scenes

Users can now copy/paste multiple scenes worth of text into the Story tab. Users should use line breaks (by clicking 'Enter') between each of their captions, and then copy/paste the entire body of text into the Story tab. Captions will each be assigned to their own scene based on the line breaks in the copied text.

Enlarged Media Preview

Users can get a closer look at any media assets before adding them to their Storyboard with our improved, enlarged media preview. Simply click on any asset within the Media tab to get a closer look.

Increased Limit for Multiple-Asset Upload

Users can now upload up to 50 assets at a time within the My Media section.

October 24, 2019


Say hello to our brand new video templates! Our templates serve as thought-starters for video creators and provide inspiration to help jumpstart the video creation process.

Select from a variety of video types - like how-to, sales promotions, testimonials, or breaking news - and use the best practices within the template to build the perfect video. Templates are available at the top of Studio's homepage starting today.

September 26, 2019

'Apply to All' for Text Editing

The new 'apply to all' option will display under the various options within the text editing toolbar in the scene view. Clicking the 'apply to all' button after making a change to a text style will automatically apply the change to all scenes of the video.

September 25, 2019

Watermark Selection Dropdown

Users with custom watermarks will now see a Watermark Selection dropdown within the Style tab. Users can select which of their watermarks they'd like to include within their video.

Note: custom watermarks are designed with a specific location, size, and level of opacity, and cannot be adjusted like default watermarks.

Quick Editing Shortcuts for Media

Users can speed up their editing process with new quick editing shortcuts for media assets. When users click 'Edit Media' on a specific scene in their Storyboard, they can access the new shortcuts and make quick adjustments to their media without ever leaving the Storyboard view. 

'Title + Body' Text Size

Users can now select between small and large text sizes for the 'Title + Body' text layout. 

Text Placeholder on Storyboard

Users will no longer see a text placeholder on their Storyboard for scenes without text. This will help reduce Storyboard clutter, and will give them a more accurate view of the video they're creating.

September 16, 2019

Video Duplication

Users can duplicate a video with a single click, using the 'duplicate' option located below the video thumbnail in the 'My Videos' section. Once clicked, a copy of the video they selected will appear at the top of the 'My Videos' page. 

My Sounds

Users can upload their own soundtracks to the new 'My Sounds,' tab, and organize them into specific folders.

Default Cropping of Media Assets (Fill vs Fit)

All media assets within a scene will default to fill the dimensions of the video format (landscape, square, or vertical.) Previously, the default state for media assets was to fit to the video dimensions.

'Favorite' for Licensed Media Assets

Users can 'Favorite' specific media assets from the licensed media search, and then access them within the 'My Favorites' folder in their media library.

Switch Brands

Users with multiple brand accounts can toggle to a different brand by clicking 'Switch Brand' under the account dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of their home page. From there, they can use the search/dropdown to toggle to the brand they're looking to access.

Video Details Panel

When users click on a video in the 'My Videos' section of their homepage, a video details panel will display on the right-hand side of the page. This will feature a larger player in which they can preview their video, a full description of their video, and a selection of various actions they can take with their video (edit, download, duplicate, etc.)

August 20, 2019


UI Performance Boost

Studio is now 40% faster and more responsive.

Social Posts in My Media

Users can now include social posts in their videos, using embed codes from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The new feature also allows for pasting multiple embed codes at a time for faster workflow.

Users can save and organize their social posts in their media library as they typically would with uploaded assets.

Character Limit Notification

For text layouts that do not support scroll, users will receive a notification that they have exceeded the character count limit for that text field.  

Crop Display Update

When cropping media, areas outside the crop tool will now appear dimmed.

August 14, 2019

Sound Level Toggles

Within the scene view, toggle your media asset's sound on or off, and use the toggles to adjust the volume balance between your media and soundtrack.

Mood Filters for Soundtracks

Within the 'Music' tab, you can filter by specific categories, and now 'Moods' that will help showcase soundtracks that best fit the emotion of your video. 


Logo Watermark Editing

Adjust the size, transparency, and on-screen location of your logo watermark - now available within the 'Style' tab.

Media Credits 

Apply media credits to individual pieces of media within the scene view, or to your entire video within the 'Video Details' page that appears after you click 'Produce.'


August 5, 2019

Real-time Video Status Updates

Waiting to see if your video is done producing? No need to refresh the home page. Our new, real-time video status updates will keep you informed without ever needing to reload the page.

'My Videos' Search & Filtering

Find your favorite creations more easily using the new search & filtering functionality in the 'My Videos' section.

Licensed Media Validation

Accidentally use an outdated asset from one of our licensed media providers? Our system will automatically notify you and prompt you to swap in a replacement asset before you spend any more time editing or producing.

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