Want to go black-and-white? Maybe throw in a sepia tone for an old-school effect? Look no further than Studio's panel of Media Filters!

To add a Media Filter, click on any scene to access Scene View. Then, click on 'Media Filters' in the media editing toolbar.

From here, the Media Filters panel will open on the left side of your screen.

Select any filter to apply it to your media. Click 'Apply to All' to apply one filter to every asset in your video.

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Certain filters, like 'Tint', 'Darken', and 'Blur', allow you to alter the intensity of your filter. 'Tint' includes the option to choose a specific color for your tint, while 'Darken' provides three gradient options, which darken a specific section of a scene.


  • The 'Blur' filter makes for a great variation on a Text-Only Scene.

  • Having issues seeing light text on a media asset? Use the gradient filters in 'Darken' to reduce an asset's brightness directly behind your text.

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