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Adjusting your corner logo's appearance
Adjusting your corner logo's appearance
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To upload a new corner logo for your team, please refer to our article on using your account's Brand Kit.

By default, your team's corner logo, or "bug", is set to the top right corner at 70% opacity.

To adjust the appearance of your logo, head over to the 'Style' tab and scroll to the 'Logo' subsection.

Here, you can change your corner logo's position to any of the scene’s four corners. You can also alter the size from small to large and toggle the opacity from 0% to 100%. 100% makes the logo completely opaque, and 0% makes it completely invisible.

Like all other aspects of the 'Style' tab, any changes to your logo will apply to the entire video. Be sure that your media and captions fit in with your choice! You can always preview your video to be sure.

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