To select a transition package for your video, head over to the Style tab.

Scroll until you locate the 'Transitions' section.

Here, you can explore the different options. Hover over the thumbnails to get a preview of each transition style. You can also select 'No Transitions' to remove transitions from your video entirely.

Note: Selecting a transition will apply to your entire video once the video is published, and cannot be applied per scene nor be seen on the preview.

Changing Transition Colors

Certain transition packages - including 'Liquid', 'Dynamic', 'Fame' and 'Modern' - include color in their animations. By default, colored transitions will include the primary color of your brand's account.

To change the color of your video's transition package, click on one of the transitions listed above. When selected, a colored square will appear at the top of the 'Transitions' section.

From here, you can change the color of your transitions by selecting a different brand color or palette color.

Tip: if your team plans on using a specific color for transitions frequently, consider creating a saved template with the color and transitions already applied to the video.

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