Cropping a media asset
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To crop a video or image in Storyboard View, click on 'Change Duration', then 'Crop'.

To crop in Scene View, click on the scene containing the asset you'd like to crop. 

Then, select the 'Crop' option for the Media Editing toolbar.

In the cropping tool, zoom to crop the asset as you see fit.

You can also use the ‘Fit/Fill’ option to automatically fit the entirety of the media asset to the format of your video.


  • Need to trim your asset, too? Click on the 'Trim' button at the top of the trimming tool to quickly switch between tools!

  • Your asset does not need to fill the entire screen! In fact, some customers zoom out of their assets and place them to the side of a scene so text and media are shown side-by-side.

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