When you've finished editing your video, it’s time to produce!

Producing your video renders it in full-resolution with all of your edits, outros, and transitions applied. This will also remove all media watermarks.

How to Produce

To produce your video, simply click ‘Done’ in the top right corner of the Editor.

You'll then be brought back to the 'My Videos' section of the homepage, where your video will display as 'Producing.’

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Render times vary based on the length of your video, but videos typically finish rendering within a few minutes. Heavier videos with numerous video assets may also have longer render times.

After your video is produced, a timestamp will appear on your video. You will also be able to hover over your video in the ‘My Videos’ section for a preview or click on your video to view it in the Video Panel.

Updating Your Video Settings While Producing

Once your video starts producing, you can update various aspects of the video’s attributes, including:

You can also save your video as a template to cut your team's creation time in half for future videos!

To access these options and settings, click on your video on the homepage to open the Video Panel.

Post-production Options

Produced videos have additional options compared to draft videos, including:

To access these options, click on your video on the homepage to open the Video Panel. You can also access a Share for Review link or download your video by clicking on the Options Panel on your video.

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