Adding a soundtrack to your video
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To upload your own soundtrack, please read Uploading soundtracks.

Studio offers a wide variety of soundtracks from BMG, one of the world's largest providers of licensed audio assets. The platform also automatically loops and fades audio, so there's no need to make manual adjustments.

Selecting a Soundtrack

To add a soundtrack to your video, navigate to the 'Music' tab. 

Once there, you can preview all of the soundtrack options. Use the filters to sort by soundtrack type (Instrumental or Vocal) or by Category & Mood.

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When you've found the perfect soundtrack for a video, click 'Use' to apply it.

Trimming a soundtrack

Trimming a soundtrack allows you to choose its starting point in your video.

To trim a soundtrack, click on the 'Trim' button next to your selected soundtrack. Then, use the sliding bar to determine where your soundtrack starts.

Click 'Apply' to confirm your changes.

Note: If your video is longer than your soundtrack, the soundtrack loop to the starting position you selected.

Turning off a soundtrack

To turn off a soundtrack, simply click on the volume toggle to the right of the soundtrack. The soundtrack toggle will turn gray when off.

Favoriting Soundtracks

The soundtrack favoriting feature is great for teams that frequently use the same soundtracks or need to follow specific soundtrack guidelines.

To favorite a soundtrack, click on the heart icon between the play button and title of a soundtrack. Any soundtracks marked as a favorite will be saved in the 'Favorites' folder under the 'My Sounds' tab for later use.


  • You can control the volume of your soundtrack if your video includes only video assets. Learn more about this feature in our article, Controlling Media Volume.

  • Soundtracks from our library begin right when a video starts and play for the entirety of the video. If you would like to use a delayed soundtrack or have a soundtrack play over specific parts of a video, consider uploading a soundtrack that meets your specifications.

  • If you are using the Voiceover feature, your selected soundtrack will play over the voiceover.

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