Licensed media usage guidelines
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Please note: You are prohibited from repurposing the individual assets into other materials outside of videos you create in the Wibbitz Studio. You also may not alter the assets in any way, except for adjustments made using editing tools within the Wibbitz platform.

There are certain guidelines you should follow when creating videos using licensed media assets.

Start by deciding on what video you’re looking to create, and determine which of the following categories it falls under:

  • Editorial Videos: Editorial videos are comprised of content that is newsworthy and is simply meant to inform.

  • Promotional Videos: Promotional videos are used to advertise or market a specific product or service. 

Once you’ve decided on what type of video you’re creating, you should adjust the media search filters accordingly:

  • Editorial Videos: Select the ‘Editorial’ filter.

  • Promotional Videos: Select the ‘Creative’ filter.

This will ensure that you're only using media that is approved for Editorial or Creative purposes.


Occasionally, you may find a media asset (typically images) in the library that is not guaranteed for commercial use. If there are specific copyrights on a media asset, this will be indicated in the media thumbnail.

You will also see a 'Content Not Guaranteed For Commercial Use' notice in the asset's description.

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