Note: If you plan on using your selected styling options for multiple videos, consider saving your video as a template!

The Studio allows you to fully customize our various styling options to perfectly match the look and feel of your brand.

To customize your selected video Style, navigate to the 'Style' tab. This will open the customization panel.

Here, you can make the following master changes to the Style of your video:

You can also choose a pre-built Style by clicking 'Other Styles' at the top of the 'Style' tab, which will apply the fonts, colors, and transitions associated with that Style.

Once a change is made in the 'Style' tab, your entire video will automatically update with your selection.


  • Hover over Text Prests and transition icons to see a quick preview before selecting.

  • Use the 'Undo' button to revert styling choices.

  • You can also make universal changes to certain aspects of your video in Scene View! Simply click the 'Apply to All' button where applicable.

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